Tradition in the textile world

Corva Velluti d’Arte is a Veneto based company that, since the beginning of the 1960’s, produces the most refined velvet.

Innovation at the service of testile craftsmanship

Today, Corva Velluti d’Arte looks at the future and promotes innovation, always remembering its handcraft origins, which are at the core of its activity.


Thanks to its mechanic looms (bacchetta and doppia pezza in Italian), ant thanks to a manual loom, they are able to satisfy even the most demanding textile needs.


Weaving is an art that combines experience, intuition and professional skills, and where innovation serves the creativity and mastery of our craftsmen.


Corva Velluti d’Arte produces high quality velvet, also on demand, with custom designs and colors requested by the clients.

Bacchetta looms

Telai a bacchetta

Doppia pezza looms

Telai a doppia pezza

1500 exclusive drawings

1500 disegni esclusivi

Specialized staff

Personale altamente specializzato

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